Legit Script Approval

Without Legit Script, you are limiting your ability to be successful in the world of digital marketing for substance abuse treatment. Success is about opportunity, give yourself all there is at your disposal.

You can’t advertise without it.

Legit Script is the most profound change to Digital Marketing for for mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities in over a decade. Become a Legit Script Certified Treatment Center with MercuRyng.

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Level the advertising playing field with your competition.

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Increase your ability to converting new marketing efforts into ROI.

No Guesswork

Take the guesswork out and let a professional guide you to approval.

Don’t Do It Alone

Since you won’t be given a point person at LegitScript, submitting your application on your own is throwing all your hard work into a black hole. We proactively help, follow up, email, and call, on your approvals behalf. Our experts have all the bases covered before submitting for approval.

Fastest Approval in the Industry

The quicker you can get your approval the quicker you can get your brand out there to reach the people in need. Compared to our competition, our approval times are the fastest public-offered management available today.

You Privacy In Mind

The company asks for some information that might seem invasive — like lease agreements and employee details — but it’s part of the careful vetting process. LegitScript doesn’t share private information, but we make sure to only provide what’s needed, in a way that protects your privacy.

Your Key to Legit Script

Our experts have an incredible track record with Legit Script’s approval process, be another one of our success stories.

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Estimated Monthly Budget: $4500+
Your information is kept private and confidential

Your Facility Needs a Legit Script.

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Google looks more favorably on Legit Script Approved businesses and websites.

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